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The first step of any construction project is preparation of the site. Just as you don’t paint a wall without cleaning it first, you don’t erect a building without properly preparing the ground. Three sub-stages comprise this phase, all of which are based on the field assessments we do during construction planning.

Finally, the foundation is poured.

Design-Build is that the sitework phase often begins while late-stage building design is still underway. It’s another key advantage of Design-Build over traditional delivery methods: On traditional jobs, construction doesn’t begin until a complete design is approved and a general contractor is chosen. The specifics about a building’s footprint and foundation may be known for weeks before the rest of the design is complete. With Design-Build, a single contract encompasses both design and construction. Once a facility’s footprint is settled, that phase of construction can begin.

Taking shape

This is the most exciting part of any projects, whether you’re the owner of the facility or a commuter driving by. There’s just something satisfying about watching all the pieces come together. It’s also the most active part of the project.

In this phase, we’re hard at work with our subcontractors putting the flesh and bones of your building together. Design-Build offers many key advantages over traditional methods during this phase, too.

Wrapping up

In this phase, the last items on the list are crossed off. Flooring is installed, walls are painted, furniture is delivered and other minor finishing touches are completed.

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