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the Largest Construction Projects in the World civil engineering

the Largest Construction Projects in the World civil engineering

the Largest Construction Projects in the World civil engineering  Projects that change the world. Infrastructure Giants What comes to mind when you think of the largest construction projects in the world? If you guessed airports, canals, and subways, you'd be on the right track

largest infrastructure projects, whose scale is estimated at billions of dollars. The list includes both sold objects and those already put into operation. 

 Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau Bridge

In mid-2018, China, after eight years of construction, opened the world's longest bridge over the sea. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is a project consisting of a series of bridges and underwater tunnels that cross the Pearl River Delta, as well as access ramps and checkpoints. Bridges and tunnels connect the largest cities in the region. The project consists of a 35 km bridge and a 6.7 km long tunnel. It cost $ 120 billion and reduced travel time between Hong Kong and Zhuhai from three hours to 30 minutes. 

 New Town Nanhui

Nanhui is the future city located in the new Pudong district in Shanghai. The project was developed by German architects. It was formerly called Lingang New City, but was renamed in April 2012. Construction started in 2003. Its completion is scheduled for 2020. The goal is to attract 450 thousand inhabitants and 10 million tourists annually by 2020.The city was to become a “mini-Hong Kong." Although real estate was being sold there quickly, people did not want to enter. To revive it, eight campuses were built in the west, designed for 100 thousand students. 

Gotthard Tunnel

Gotthard Automobile Tunnel is one of the longest in the world, its length is 17 km. An underground motorway under the Lepontine Alps was laid to connect two large cantons - Uri and Ticino. The construction of the tunnel began in 1969 and lasted 11 years. It is comfortable for traveling and has a well-thought-out lighting system. A clear minus is only one lane in each direction. The tunnel can be moved at a maximum speed of 80 km / h. Drivers are advised to maintain a distance of at least 150 meters. The main danger for motorists is a large flow of freight transport. Reconstruction of the

 Panama Canal

a grand reconstruction of the Panama Canal was underway - an expansion that doubled its capacity. A grandiose five-year construction can be seen in just two minutes. The Panama Canal, with a length of 77 km, connects the Panama Gulf of the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike the Suez Canal, it does not laid along the entire length at sea level: ships rise and lower with the help of locks and pass through the freshwater channel 

 Skyscraper bride

The tallest building in the world by 2025 is planned to be erected in Basra, the oil capital of Iraq. The height of the tower will exceed 1.1 km. The building was named The Bride (bride) and will be the first architectural complex in the world that will embody the concept of a "vertical city".On the south side, the Arab "bride" will be shrouded in a kind of veil of solar panels. The complex will be able not only to generate green energy for itself, but also to obscure squares, parks and low-rise buildings. Until the “bride” is completed, the title of the tallest building in the world will remain behind the 828-meter skyscraper “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai. 

 Dam "Itaipu

Itaipu Dam is the second largest hydroelectric power station in the world, located on the border of Paraguay and Brazil. It provides almost 100% electricity to Paraguay and 20% to Brazil. The dam got its name from the name of the island at the mouth of the river, which became the basis of one of the largest structures in the world. In 2016, the hydroelectric station became the first station in the world that produced over 100 billion kWh of electricity in a year.

 FAST telescope

The construction of the largest radio telescope in the world was completed in 2016. Its antenna consists of more than 4 thousand reflective panels, and its effective diameter used in observations is 300 meters. FAST area is comparable to 30 football fields. To build it, it took more than 9 thousand people to relocate. The location of FAST in a sparsely populated underdeveloped region provides a minimum level of electromagnetic interference, which makes astronomical observations difficult. The radio telescope increased the capabilities of Chinese astronomers and allowed to attract large international scientific projects to the country. 

 New Istanbul Airport

The new Istanbul Airport is located on the territory of the European part of the city and is located at a distance of 35 km from the center. Opened October 29, 2018. It is planned that the airport will be the largest in the world. It will be able to serve 150 million passengers annually and more than 350 destinations. It is the third airport in Istanbul along with Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen air harbors. After the completion of all stages of construction, Istanbul will have six runways, parking for 500 aircraft, as well as open and closed parking for 70 thousand cars. It will be able to serve up to 45 takeoffs and landings simultaneously, and the maximum passenger flow will be up to 200 million passengers by 2035. 

 Riyadh Metro

The construction of the metro in Riyadh is the largest infrastructure project in the history of Saudi Arabia. One of the main reasons for its construction is the fight against traffic jams, which have become a serious problem for the city. It is planned to build six branches with 85 stations. The total length of all lines is 176 km. The $ 22.5 billion project started in 2012 and will end in 2019. The contract is executed by companies from the USA, Italy and Spain. For comparison: there are 52 metro stations in Kiev, and the total length of the three lines is 67 km.

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