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 3D printing: 3d printers for sale

3D printing: 3d printers for sale

clay house, created on a 3D printer according to the principle of an aspen nest 3D printing in the near future will become the most important tool for the construction industry worldwide, so architects and designers are creating new housing projects that can be simply multiplied by a printer.

 Equipmake Record Specific Electric Motor (20 kW / kg) Created Using 3D Printing

The British manufacturer of electric powertrains has repeatedly come into the view of the media. For example, in 2018, it was announced the creation of a low-cost materials magnetic motor with a capacity of 9 kW per kilogram of weight. The best indicator among competitors was the level of about 5 kW per kg. 3D-printed hypercar Czinger 21C: 1 “horse” per kg and 1.9 s to “hundreds” 

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DFAB House - a robot-built house revolutionizing the industry

Construction is one of the most harmful to nature and ineffective areas of human activity. According to a UN study, the construction industry is responsible for 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. In Switzerland, to solve this problem, it was proposed to use robotics and digital technologies, and a house called The three-level residential building near Zurich has 3D-printed ceilings, energy-saving walls, wooden beams assembled directly on the construction site and an intelligent energy management system.

Automation is often associated with people losing jobs. But Kohler is confident that the use of digital technology will increase the creativity of employees and contribute to the development of various skills. The results of machine information processing can be used in the field of design. An example is the unusual ceiling in DFAB House, printed on a large 3D printer. project as an expert in 3D printing, the use of robots will increase the level of security at the construction site. “You should not romanticize work on construction sites,” he warns. “Creating a maximum of collaboration where robots and humans work together really makes sense.”

3D-printed "concrete forest of sunny palm trees" may become the pavilion of Dubai at Expo-2020

Солнечная инсталляция
East Architecture Network) from the UAE has proposed an original solution to the design of the Dubai pavilion (Boulevard Roundabout Pavilion) at the international exhibition Expo-2020. Printed from concrete on a 3D printer and called a “spatial forest”, the object is an interactive installation of palm-like architectural elements with diode illumination. The installation is powered by solar panels installed on the tops of palm trees at an angle that provides maximum performance, and involves the use of a series of decorative lighting schemes. The location of the Dubai Pavilion is equally convenient for pedestrians and for visitors arriving by personal transport.The construction has a height of about nine meters, and its design solution is based on the Expo 2020 logo, as well as on the image of a palm tree. The pavilion should become a symbol of innovative building technologies, and its main elements will be printed on a 3D printer directly at the construction site of the complex of special concrete, which is best suited for use in the hot desert climate of Dubai. 

 first 3D printing houses populated by residents

developed 3D housing technology for the homeless and poor in Latin America. Recently, an ambitious plan has been successfully implemented.This is the first printer of its kind designed to solve the problem of housing shortages for vulnerable groups,” one of the authors of the project shares.The construction of budget houses is carried out using the Icon Vulcan II printer, which applies cement from a special nozzle layer by layer, creating the supporting structure of the building. As they say in the company, the construction of one house takes only 24 hours. Then the workers are connected to the process, who mount the roof, insert windows and doors.We witnessed a historic moment - the first residential area with 3D houses is being built before our eyes, ”says Gretel Uribe, Development Director of Échale. - This is a technological achievement at the junction of science fiction, which is designed to help the most vulnerable groups. If we combine our knowledge, talents and resources to solve real problems, the dream of social justice will become a reality. ” Representatives of New Story do not name the actual cost of construction. Developers only hint that they will make every effort to increase efficiency and reduce costs as the project progresses. It is expected that the remaining 48 houses will be built and settled next year.

Creality3D Ender 3 pro High Precision 3D Printer


Was:AED 934.00
Price:AED 925.00 + AED 10.00 shipping
You Save:AED 9.00 (1%)
All prices include VAT.
6 new from AED 925.00
  • Modeling Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Power Supply: Mean Well UL certified power supply
  • Printing Size: 220*220*250mm / 8.6x8.6x9.8 inches 
  • Machine Size: 440*410*465mm / 17.3x16.1x18.3 inches 
  • Package weight: 8.6kg / 19 lbs
  • Max Traveling Speed: 180mm/s
  • Filament: 1.75mm ABS/PLA,WOOD,FLEXIBLE,Carbon firber,PA..

ELEGOO MARS UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer with 3.5" Smart Touch Color Screen Off-line Print 4.53in(L) x 2.56in(W) x 5.9in(H) Printing Size-Black


Price:AED 1,089.00 FREE ShippingDetails
All prices include VAT.
  • 【Smart and Fast Slicing Software】ELEGOO Mars comes with the latest version of ChiTu Box Slicing Software which gives you extraordinary user experience. ChiTu Box takes only 1 minute to slice 30Mb .stl model files while the open-sourced slicing software would take up to 10minutes.
  • 【Resin saving and Better Printing】ChiTu Box allows you to hollow out your model before slicing which could save your resin dramatically during photocuring process. Equiped with 40W UV lights and using ELEGOO resin, you can get a better pritning result.
  • 【Smart and Convenient】3.5'' inch color touch screen equipped with the latest ELEGOO ChiTu 5.0 system makes it very easy for off-line printing. The build platform with steel ball balancing structure inside allows you to start printing within 5 minutes after assembly.
  • 【High Precision and Resolution】ELEGOO Mars uses a 2560x1440 2K HD masking LCD as to provide accurate printing with XY axis resolution of 0.00185inches / 0.047mm
  • 【Warranty and Service】We provide total one-year machine warranty (3 month warranty for FEP and 2K LCD), and if you have any questions regarding product operation or software please feel free to contact us. Have a look at the video of the introducing of our MARS here: and other helpful videos from our channel:

Flashforge 3D Printer Finder Single Extruder Printer …


Price:AED 1,880.00 + AED 10.00 shipping
All prices include VAT.
2 new from AED 1,880.00
  • Fruity modeling industrial design, no edges and corners, no high temperature components and bare wire, guarantee a safer use experience
  • Assisted leveling, filament run-out reminder, slide-in build plate realize easy operation
  • Smart supports, provide treelike and linear supports, can be modified manually.
  • 3.5' touch screen panel, easy operation, instant previews of 3D model files.
  • Ultra-quiet operation design, suitable for quiet working environment

Decdeal 3D CR-10 Max Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit Large Printing Size 450*450*470mm Support Auto leveling Resume Print with Touch-Screen Heat Bed 8G TF Card & 200g White PLA Sample Filament for Home


Price:AED 3,449.99 FREE Shipping
All prices include VAT.
  • ♥ Golden triangle to reduce errors due to the vibration of Z axis during printing, more stable structure.
  • ♥ Support automatic leveling, comprehensive measurement point, precise induction and dynamic leveling compensation.
  • ♥ CR-10 Max features two models of nozzles to cater to different printing requirements of different users.
  • ♥ CR-10 Max has two power supplies for motherboard and hotbed respectively by way of two-way output and split flow to reduce electromagnetic interference to motherboard when the hotbed is powered by single power supply.
  • ♥ Blue high temperature resistant Capricorn Teflon tube is not easily being blocked for smooth feeding and printing efficiency; Industrial extrusion structure, double drive for rapid feeding.

Goolsky EasyThreed Nano Entry Level Desktop 3D Printer for Kids Students No Assembling Quiet Working Easy Operation High Accuracy


Price:AED 530.98 FREE Shipping
All prices include VAT.
3 new from AED 530.98
  • ♥ The Most Cool Gift: This 3D printer can stimulate your kids' interest in tech and design, develop their ability on various aspects, such as three-dimensional modeling, hands-on ability and creativity.
  • ♥ High Accuracy Printing: 4 lead screws make printing process more smooth and stable, thus achieving higher precision.
  • ♥ User-friendly Slicing Software: Self-developed E3D NANO slicing software, containing rich model libraries, is already stored in the TF card before shipping.
  • ♥ Easy Operation: No need of assembling. Just press the print button gently after the TF card is inserted, Nano automatically starts printing after warm-up.
  • ♥ Mini Cute Body: 188 * 188 * 198mm, weighs only 1kg. You can carry it or put it anywhere to start your creative works.

BIQU 3D Printer Accessories Silicone Collapsible Funnel with Stainless Steel Resin Filter Cup for SLA DLP LCD for 3D Printer ELEGOO Mars Photon Formlabs

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CP-01 3D Printer

CP-01 3D Printer

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Fluorescent 3D Filament for 3D Pen & 3D Printer
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Ender-3 V2 3D Printer
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