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Transport engineering

Transport engineering

Transportation engineering is a branch of civil engineering that is involved in the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of safe and efficient transportation systems. These systems include roadways, railways, waterways, and intermodal operations.

Civil engineering is one of the major branches of engineering and, as its name implies, is related to engineering for civilian applications. Civil engineering improves quality of life through the provision of infrastructure such as: Buildings, bridges, and other structures Highways Dams and levees Water treatment and waste disposal plants

  Transport engineering is the basis of the work of Infrastructure.

Since 2011, Infrastructure has successfully transported oversized and heavy cargo for companies in various industries. The proper organization of the transportation of bulky and heavy cargo) is impossible without a preliminary assessment of the characteristics of the transported cargo (dimensions, weight, volume, shape), inspection of the transportation route and a competent approach to solving any transport problem. For our customers - companies operating in various industries, we offer a service that allows provide our customers: compliance with all the rules of transportation of  safe transportation of any cargo (including oversized, heavy, project); cost reduction and getting the optimized cost of transportation of oversized cargo; necessary control at every stage of the work; delivery of all goods transported by us within the agreed time. The Infrastructure company is, first of all, an integrated approach to the implementation of any transport tasks in the field of oversized and heavy cargo transportation. Each project is carried out taking into account the experience of our experts and the features of the transport system

  What do we offer our customers?

advising a customer at the stage of equipment production on maximum weight and size characteristics to optimize the transportation budget; selection of the optimal transportation route and selection of specialized rolling stock, taking into account the presence of transshipment points / customs clearance / temporary storage, crossings, artificial structures along the route, seasonality of transportation, necessary delivery times, and also the route;

  technical preparation of roads and loading and unloading 
development of schemes for loading bulky goods onto a vehicle and fastening methods that ensure cargo safety during transportation and reliable fixation (if necessary, the manufacture of special transportation equipment and fastening equipment); coordination of the route of trains with the traffic police and road services; escort of road trains with oversized cargo by cover cars with flashing beacons and traffic police cars;

  oversized cargo transportation by road (if necessary, organization of multimodal

 transportation). The implementation of all stages of transport engineering and a professional approach allows us to provide our customers with a guarantee of the safe delivery of bulky goods to their destination, in a predetermined time.

  Why is Infrastructure the leader in the oversized and heavy cargo transportation market? Availability of specialized rolling stock

Having started its activity in 2011 with the transportation of certain units of road-building equipment in St. Petersburg, today we are a commercial organization with a clearly streamlined work scheme and the presence of a unique rolling stock for the transportation . This allows us to transport goods up to 45 meters long, up to 7 meters wide, up to 5 meters high and weighing up to 300 tons (while the possibility of transporting a cargo is determined solely by the presence of obstacles, artificial structures, bridges and overpasses on the route of the road train with cargo ) Full range of services for the organization of transportation The company "Infrastructure" offers its customers a full range of related services, namely: preparation of cargo for transportation (including control measurements of cargo, recommendations of our experts on maximum weight and size characteristics, configuration and packaging, from the point of view of further safe transportation of cargo); development of loading / unloading schemes, as well as fastening of cargo on a vehicle; loading and unloading and rigging; organization of cargo delivery by road, rail and water transport (multimodal transportation); responsible storage of goods; cargo insurance; advising clients on customs clearance of goods; organization of international transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.

  Individual approach to each client

We do not share our customers, equally responsibly approach to solving any transport problem that is set before us, it does not matter whether it is the transportation of standard goods, or the project transportation of complex and expensive equipment. An individual approach to the organization of transportation of oversized cargo allows us to offer our customers the most optimal logistics solutions.

  Experience and Reputation

The number of successfully completed projects allows us to speak with confidence about the status of the leader of Infrastructure in the field of oversized cargo transportation. We are professionals in the market for transporting heavy and complex loads. The main confirmation of this is the reputation, and the positive feedback from our customers.

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